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We recognise that identifying and converting repair or maintenance work is the lifeblood of every workshop. But perhaps, one of the biggest challenges you face…

With our easy to use technician and customer apps, the urgent work becomes easier to convert and automated amber work reminders will keep customers coming back!

Own your customer with Intelligent Motorist – the smart electronic vehicle health check (eVHC) solution that takes the pain out of vehicle maintenance.

Find out today how Intelligent Motorist can simplify vehicle maintenance and help you easily identify and convert more work. Today and tomorrow.

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Pre Service Check In

Your service advisors can evidence a vehicles condition as soon as it enters your workshop.

‘Check In’ the vehicle by scanning the registration plate where a VRM lookup will populate the vehicle details.

Take photographs of any damage, document anything left in the vehicle or highlight any warning lights then assign any work or a health check to a technician.

Protect your workshop and mitigate false damage claims

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Mobile phone showing image of tyre tread depth in health report

Vehicle Health Check

Using the Intelligent Technician App on any Android or Apple iOS device, technicians can carry out a bespoke vehicle health check, completing all mandatory fields.

Taking any necessary photographs, videos, measurements, adding notes and making recommendations as they go, they can highlight any required urgent work as well as future advisory work for after the customer has left the workshop.

Never miss an opportunity again.

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Laptop showing the homepage of the service advisor shop dashboard

Health Check Review

Using our intuitive web based dashboard, your service team can review a technicians health check, add pricing, more product information or change recommendations. At the click of a button, you can then send the report to your customer’s mobile phone.

Smart. Simple. User friendly

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Mobile phone showing customer health report with a score of 64%


Health Check Report

Unique to the Intelligent Motorist solution, we generate a vehicle score out of 100 based on the items checked. You can even break this down into subcategories such as safety, performance, and efficiency.

Evidence based recommendations provide transparency and trust, giving the customer more control over their decisions and at their own convenience.

A preventative maintenance plan allows customers to split the cost for future work.

Convenience. Transparency. Trust.

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iHub touchscreen showing the customer report homepage


The Big Screen Experience

Immerse your customers with a full screen experience to help your service team explain what needs doing and why, using our unique 360° 3D models.

Visualise the health check findings to your customers like never before.

Smart technology in your workshop


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Mobile phone showing home screen of the Intelligent Motorist customer app


Simplify Car Ownership

The Intelligent Motorist App is an extension of your workshop and puts you in your customer’s pocket.

All health checks and work reports are stored in the app, creating a digital service history for each vehicle. Algorithms generate reminders exactly when any ‘Advisory’ work identified becomes Urgent, reminding you and the customer when that work needs to be done.

By automating the reminders via the apps’ preventative maintenance plan, you can spend less time contacting customers and more time running your business.

Intelligent marketing automated.  

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