The Big Screen Experience

Use our iHub technology to present a vehicles health like no other

iHub touchscreen showing the customer report homepage

A Spectacular 360° Customer Experience

Immerse your customers in a large touch screen experience, whilst your service team explains what needs doing and why.

Using our unique 360° 3D models your team can demonstrate the inner-workings of vehicle parts to show the effects of wear and tear and why spending money is necessary.

Smart technology in your workshop

Unique Touchscreen Interaction

Using the latest in touchscreen technology from ELO (or even on an Android tablet), your service advisors can easily explain the inspection results, walking them though an interactive journey around the car and allowing your customers to see and understand their car as they have never done before.

Designed to captivate your audience, the iHub helps to build trust between you and your customer and more importantly increase conversion rates for work identified.

We can help to provide ELO touchscreens from 15” to 65” so there is an option for the needs of all workshops.

And if a screen isn’t for you then the iHub can be displayed to customers using a standard Android tablet device.



Powered by data, using visual evidence, and presenting this to the customer can increase conversion rates by up to 40%


Icon to show that using Intelligent Motorist can help convert 40% more work
iHub touchscreen showing the maintenance plan sliders

Maintenance Plan Explanation

Our Intelligent Motorist software uses the latest technology to capture the current condition of the vehicle.

Using the average daily mileage, we then predict the best time for any maintenance or repair work over the next 12 months.

Working closely with your customers, the maintenance plan can be adjusted using the interactive slider based on their driving habits. The iHub can increase customer retention rates by making sure they come back to you for future work throughout the year.

The touchscreen allows you to demonstrate the advisory work identified by your technicians and explain the importance of why the work will be needed over the next 12 months.

Short video showing an engine being dissembled using the 3D models in the iHub

Demonstrate With 3D Models and Videos

Use the super cool 3D interactive models and animations to help your customers better understand the workings of a vehicle without the need to take them into the workshop.

Dissect an engine into thousands of individual parts, cut a battery in half, animate how fuel flows through the engine or how an air conditioning system works – this is a customer experience like no other!

Developed by automotive experts in combination with leading parts manufacturers – our unique 3D models give you the upper hand in a competitive market.


Carry out a free air con inspection, then demonstrate the pollution in the system to the customer using the 3D models and videos.

Showing how mould builds up in the system can increase sales of AC treatments by up to 50%.

Service advisor demonstrating to a customer the benefits of cleaning the air con system
iHub touchscreen showing the product benefits of using a fuel performance treatment on a vehicle

Showcase Your Signature Services

The iHub can also be used to showcase and raise awareness of any additional services you offer such as extended warranty or service plans.

By creating a ‘shop window’ to your customers you can explain the benefits of additional services or specific products you want to promote when you have their attention.

iHub touchscreen how you bind a report with a customer using the Intelligent Motorist app

Bind the Vehicle

Once your service advisor has presented any health checks or work reports, the customer can simply scan a QR code on the screen and their vehicle will be automatically bound to their Intelligent Motorist App – the beginning of their unique customer journey.

For those without the Intelligent Motorist App installed, simply scan the QR code and the app software will be installed with the vehicle already bound. Or, just send the report on its own via SMS to any mobile number.

Your customer is now in your pocket!

Short video showing the features of the 3D models in the Intelligent iHub screen

Internal Technician Training and Demonstrations

Not only is the iHub a fantastic tool for customer engagement, but it can also be used effectively for both technical and sales training for your teams.

Driven by supplier content and data, the iHub uses product information and vehicle data to establish standard operating procedures to save training costs.

The screen can even be used to run promotions and advertising when not being used for customer presentations.