Simplify Car Ownership

Stay Connected to every Customer with our Customer App

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Put your workshop in your customers’ pocket by encouraging them to download the free Intelligent Motorist App.

As an extension to your workshop, you can stay connected today, tomorrow and throughout the customer journey.


Mobile phone showing maintenance plan with amber advisory work and blue future work

All health checks and work reports you create are stored in the app, providing your customers with a complete digital service history of their vehicle.

Our algorithms generate reminders exactly when any ‘Advisory’ work identified becomes Urgent, reminding you and the customer when that work needs to be done.

By automating the reminders via the apps’ preventative Maintenance Plan, you can spend less time contacting customers and more time running your business.

At the same time your customers don’t need to worry about the safety of their car and can plan and budget for work, driving them back to your workshop - and not going elsewhere!

Mobile phone showing maintenance plan with red urgent work and amber advisory work

Intelligent Maintenance Plan

Using mileage algorithms, the app can accurately predict when advisory work identified by your technicians becomes urgent.

Push notifications are sent directly to the Intelligent Motorist App reminding customers what work needs doing and most importantly why the work needs doing.

Mobile phone showing the make a booking screen with map of workshop

The booking tool in the app completes the customer journey and drives more business back into your workshop time and again.

Automating any upcoming work reminders allows you and your team to focus on running the business and not worry about losing out on work.

And of course, every returning customer is another opportunity to carry out a new health check and keep the maintenance cycle flowing year after year!

Two mobile phones showing stopping distances of tyres and maintenance plan

Digital Service History

The Intelligent Motorist App becomes a digital service book providing everything about your customers’ car in one place.

Customers can keep a track of health check findings, servicing work, repairs and important information stored digitally in the App – car maintenance and ownership at their fingertips.

The digital service history can be passed on with the car when sold, not only does this add more value to the car, but also encourages new owners to maintain that service record in your workshop or chain.

Mobile phone showing messages to and from the workshop to the customer app

Direct Communication With Your Customers

The Intelligent Motorist app includes its own messaging service, so customers can message you directly and you can message them!

This is great when a customer might need a bit of friendly advice about a strange noise coming from the car, or need to contact you regarding a booking.

Mobile phone showing status updates when a customer’s vehicle is in the workshop

Automatic Customer Updates

Customers can also track when work has begun on their vehicle from the app, meaning they don’t feel the need to contact you every hour to ask how things are going or ask ‘is my car ready yet’?

The ‘Service’ tab shows the current status, such as vehicle ‘Checked In’ or when a technician has started a health check or carrying out a repair.

This added level of reassurance improves customer satisfaction scores and reduces unnecessary phone calls coming in or going out.

Mobile phone showing the app booking tool using an item from the maintenance plan

Make a Booking From The App

Customers can make a booking request directly from the app, producing notifications directly to the workshop dashboard.

The system even allows them to select pre-existing issues on their car based on their maintenance plan, so you know exactly what and why they need to book in!

Mobile phone showing the workshops signature services in the Intelligent Motorist app

Showcase Signature Services

The ‘Signature Services’ tab is your shop window of all the services you provide - directly in your customers hand!

Easily advertise all the services you provide, from MOT’s to AC re-gas, Tyres and Brakes to Service and Maintenance Plans.

Think of this as a mini website within the app, showcasing your business to every customer with a vehicle bound to you.

GDPR compliant logo

GDPR Compliant

And because the App is part of your service offering and provides relevant information about the customer’s car, there are no GDPR issues to worry about either!

You can also use the App to push credits to a customer, so maybe give them £15 to redeem off their next service or repair in any of your workshops.