Vehicle Health Check Report

Show your customers the health of their vehicle as a score

Mobile phone showing breakdown of health report highlighting passes and fails

Visualise a Vehicle Health Check Like Never Before

The Intelligent Motorist software presents your health check findings with our unique scoring system directly to your customers’ mobile phone.

By presenting a health ‘score’ to the customer, based on the items checked, rather than just red/amber/green dots, it changes their whole mind-set away from just doing the red/urgent work, to

“how do I get my total score higher?”

Mobile phone showing image of tyre tread depth with recommended product in health report

The IM Score - Convert More!

Accessed in the customer (IM) app, sent via SMS or shown on the iHub touchscreen display, dynamic health reports are presented to visually show every item checked by your technicians.

The photos, videos and graphical measurements along with any recommendations for work required, means that decisions are no longer made based purely on what the customer thinks are most urgent, but on the score and the evidence provided by the experts.

Your technicians.

Unique Scoring System

The IM customer report adds a whole new gamification element to car ownership, encouraging customers to take more interest in the overall health of their vehicle.

Furthermore, we split the overall score into sub-scores (which you can edit) such as Safety, Performance and Environmental – making it even easier for you to win more work based on the customers’ own preferences. Vehicle maintenance has never been made so easy to understand and transparent.

Would anybody not carry out work if their safety score were less than 75%?

Intelligent Motorist customer score going from 0 to 100
Mobile phone showing maintenance plan with red urgent work and amber advisory work

Dynamic Maintenance Plans

Never miss an opportunity again after customers leave your workshop.

Using all work identified by your technicians, our smart software automatically builds a unique maintenance plan for the customer.

As the daily mileage increases, the dynamic plan changes colour to reflect when work is needed – allowing you and your customers to manage everything that needs doing, long after they leave your workshop.

When work becomes urgent, the Intelligent Motorist app will push notifications to your customers and notify you in the smart dashboard. Technology that makes it easy to follow up and bring customers back into your workshop.  

Mobile phone showing customer pricing report with DPF cleaning selected

Recommendations and Work Authorisation

We make it as easy as possible for your customers to authorise any work your technicians have suggested.

By adding product benefits, pictures and descriptions, the report can act as a silent salesman providing your customers with all the necessary information needed to make a purchase decisions.

Customer chooses which work to authorise now and can select a method of payment. Once work is authorised you receive a notification to start the approved work.

Payment Assist logo

Different Payment Options

We have partnered with the UK’s leading automotive 0% finance payment provider, Payment Assist and integrated their services into the App to provide a smarter way to pay.

Customers can choose to pay in the workshop or spread the cost over easy monthly instalments with 0% interest.

Vehicle maintenance made easier.