Vehicle Health Check Review

Bespoke software to keep everything in one place

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Review and Send Customer Reports From One Platform

The ‘shop’ is where the day to day happens. Using our intuitive web based dashboard, your service team can review a technician’s health check the second they complete them.

They can also view/amend any recommendations made and add pricing for the parts and labour.

At the click of a button, you can then send a report to your customer’s mobile phone via SMS, push it straight to the Intelligent Motorist (customer) App or present it in the (optional) iHub for a dynamic ‘Wow factor’ big screen customer experience.

That’s not all our software can do for your business…  

Blown up section from the dashboard to show review of light section

Review Health Check

In the dashboard, all health checks can be reviewed and checked by your team before releasing.

All pictures, videos and comments added by the technician are reviewed and parts and pricing are added to any work identified as amber or red.

When the report is sent out, all the important information is there at the customers’ fingertips.

By adding products and pricing, supported with pictures or videos for any amber work identified in an IM health check, you have 55% more chance of converting it at a later date!

Using our software, notifications are automated to remind customers when amber work becomes urgent to bring them back into your workshop.

Mobile phone showing customer text message when report is ready to view

Release the Report

Included in the monthly subscription, you can send the report as an SMS, push the report as a notification to the Intelligent Motorist customer App or send it directly to the iHub – our unique big screen customer experience.

The iHub allows you to present the results of a health check using an Android tablet or an ‘ELO touchscreen’ to give your customers’ a truly unique experience.

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Data is Power

By accessing the Admin panel, your management team have full control and flexibility of the IM account: add technicians, edit health checks, add triggered recommendations and add service items such as branded parts or specialist services.

With all this data at your fingertips, you can start to look at patterns and trends in your workshop and make changes or improvements based on what is the most successful.

You also have access to the comprehensive data collected by your technicians to analyse and improve your business.

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Protect Your Data Security and Privacy

Our system uses a distributed network based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store data, which is secure, stable and guarantees privacy.

So, you can be confident all data is stored securely in the UK