Pre-Inspection Check In

No more customer issues with our vehicle check-in process

Mobile phone showing vehicle check in process adding customer details

Document Every Vehicle’s Condition

Start using our smart technology as soon as your customer arrives.

 In just a few minutes with a few simple steps, your service advisors can check the vehicle into the workshop and carry out a digital pre-inspection to make sure any damage, scratches or items left in the car are identified and documented.

 Our software will even pull through the vehicles MOT status to keep everything in one place. Protect your workshop and mitigate false damage claims 

Vehicle And Customer Details

Simply scan the vehicle number plate with the Intelligent Technician App.

This populates the report with the VIN, make and model, year of manufacture, a cool miniature of the car (or take a photo) and a handy feature that pulls through the vehicles MOT status.

As you probably know, the DVLA does not remind customers when their MOT is due.

By pulling through the vehicles correct MOT date, the Intelligent Motorist App can be used to remind customers when their MOT is due – they can even book it in via the App!

Another simple way to stay connected.

Mobile phone showing vehicle mileage and daily average mileage update screen

Add Extra Details

Preventative maintenance planning – As part of the check in process you add the current mileage of the vehicle.

The App then calculates the drivers average daily mileage so that our software can automate customer (and workshop) notifications when advisory work becomes urgent - helping you convert more work in the future.

Intelligent software to make your life easier.

Evidence Any Damage and Personal Items

Have you had a customer suggesting the damage on their vehicle wasn’t there when they dropped their car at your workshop? Or perhaps “that warning light wasn’t on when I dropped it off”?

The Intelligent Technician App mitigates any false allegations and provides you with peace of mind: Take photos to evidence any damage or scratches already on the car when dropped off, or pictures of fault codes already showing on the dashboard.