Electronic Vehicle Health Checks

Bespoke digital solution to help technicians identify work

Mobile phone showing image of tyre tread depth in health report

Vehicle Health Checks Re-Invented

Standardise procedures with the Intelligent Technician App and never miss an opportunity again.

When a customer’s vehicle is on one of your ramps, you have the perfect opportunity (and duty of care) to carry out a health check, customised for your business - to identify potential work for today, tomorrow, and in the future.

With our comprehensive software solution, we can help you generate more revenue per vehicle, and ensure customers keep returning for all the maintenance of their car!

That’s not all our software can do for your business…  

Graphic to show Intelligent Motorist usage by workshops and technicians Graphic to show Intelligent Motorist usage by workshops and technicians

Personalised Bespoke Health Checks

With our simple and intuitive editing tool, you can create bespoke templates for your technicians to follow.

These can include any aspect of your service offerings such as:

Health Checks
Seasonal Checks
Tyre/Brake Checks

Using standardised procedures and workflows, you’ll never need to miss an opportunity again.

Mobile phone showing work being assigned to a technician to start now

Improve Workshop Efficiency

Once a pre-inspection check has been completed a work order or health check can be assigned to anyone of your technicians.

Schedule when the work should start – immediately or at any time later that day - so that you can operate as efficiently as possible and meet customer expectations.

Technicians then carry out the necessary check, following a standardised procedure and capturing all required work as they go.

Laptop showing a technician usage report in the dashboard

You can monitor workshop efficiency by looking at what recommendations convert the best.

Which technician is the quickest or who identifies more work and maybe use this data to incentivise your technicians!

Evidence Work to Build Trust

At every stage of the process, using the camera on a smartphone or tablet, technicians can take photos, record short videos, add commentary, and include measurements to allow you to identify work using our trusted evidence based approach.

Evidence-based reporting allows your experts in the workshop to make parts recommendations so customers can make informed decisions.

Instead of ‘What can I afford?’ customers will think ‘Can I afford not to?’


Use the ‘Tag’ feature to annotate your images or select most commonly used comments to highlight issues identified.


Mobile phone showing a picture of a brake disc with a tag describing scoring on the disc

Triggered Recommendations

Based on your technicians’ findings, our software can automatically recommend a part or maintenance relevant to that issue.

This can include specific brands, services or products that you want to push.

You can still swap or change the automated recommendations if you need to or even add multiple options for the customer to choose from.

Mobile phone showing customer health report with a score of 64%

The IM Score - Convert More!

Algorithms and calculations within the Health Checks generate a % score for the vehicle, based on all of the items checked.

So a 10-Point health check might generate a score of 76% based on everything checked, but can then break that down into sub categories, such as Safety (69%), Performance (82%) and Environment (73%).

This approach adds a level of gamification and changes the mind-set of the vehicle owner.

It’s no longer a case of doing the Red/Urgent work now and worry about the ‘Advisory’ work later… 

It’s how do I get my scores closer to 100% now?